The debates regarding calligraphy pens vs fountain pens will not calm down because both parties have their arguments. Although calligraphy pens are specific types of fountain pens, these writing tools aren’t the same. If you want to choose the best option for writing or drawing, you must be aware of these differences. Our today’s post is related to this topic. Fountain pen vs calligraphy pen: which is better? Learn about the peculiarities of both types and make your choice.

About fountain pen
The first feature that makes fountain pens different from many other writing tools is a nib made of solid materials. This is because their main function is to last as long as possible. Plus, fountain pen nibs usually have the same form, so you are required to hold the pen at the same angle to let the ink flow properly.

Because of the common form of fountain pens nibs, every line you draw or write is the same. This makes fountain pens good tools for daily writing activities.

One more aspect to take into account is the fountain pen ink vs calligraphy ink. In this case, inks are very liquid because they are water-based. In our Ancora online store, you can find various types of bottled inks for fountain pens. 

Why do you need it: advantages and disadvantages
- best for writing - inks flow smoothly, without much pressure;
- you can charge them with inks of different textures and colors;
- both nibs and barrels are made of high-quality materials that last longer;
-they are authentic - you can gather different unique collections.

- they are more expensive than other tools for writing;
- you have to know how to maintain them properly;
- they might be inappropriate for certain types of paper.

About calligraphy pen
As you may have guessed, calligraphy pens apply disposable nibs, which are cheaper. On the one hand, this is good for those who want to experiment with nibs and buy them in bulk. On the other hand, this means that they are made of less solid materials and might be more vulnerable to different impacts.

Calligraphy nibs come in different shapes, which allow them to draw different lines under different angles. This is very good if you aim to create various textual effects. This might be relevant for you if you use pens not just for ordinary writing. Calligraphy pens might be used for special writing projects or drawing.

Plus, calligraphy pens have more thick inks. On the one hand, it gives you better control over inks. On the other hand, you need to clean your tools after every use because thicker inks might clog the nib.

The final difference is that calligraphy pens have fewer components. There is no separate ink reservoir – just a nib and a holder.

Why do you need a calligraphy pen: advantages and disadvantages
- they are cheaper;
- they apply disposable nibs that might be bought in bigger quantities and easily substituted;
- achieve better visual effects.

- you have to clean it after every single use;
- for beginners, it’s difficult to understand how to hold it, what pressure to make, etc, in order to achieve the necessary effect.


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