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When people buy pens online, they consider different characteristics of writing tools. Customers compare prices, examine the materials, of which instruments are made, study the charging mechanisms, estimate the writing quality, and compare visual features. One more important aspect considered by experienced pen collectors is the type of writing instrument - fountain vs ballpoint pen.

Don’t know where to buy pens of these types? Consider visiting the Ancora online pen store. This is an Italian brand offering both fountain and rollerball pens. Before placing your order, find the advantages and disadvantages of each variation.

Why buy fountain pens online?

  1. Fountain classic pen looks cooler. If you buy luxury pens online by considering the visual characteristics of tools, fountain vintage instruments are what you need. They look elegant and authentic. Fountain vintage pens seem to be more extraordinary options than ballpoint ones.
  2. Fountain pens are comfortable to use. If you buy pens online not just to add them to your collection but to use, fountain pens suit you. When writing with such instruments, you don’t need to put pressure on a tool to make the ball roll over the paper. These instruments are filled with water-based inks that flow onto your paper with minimum pressure and with maximum pleasant flair.
  3. Customizability. When using fountain pens, you can change their appearance. Order pen online from the Ancora online shop and you’ll find a wide assortment of nibs and inks. Nibs come in different sizes - choose the best ones to complement your writing tools and change their looks the way you like.
  4. Fountain pens are eco-friendly options. With the growing trend for eco-friendly products, fountain classic pens are becoming on-demand again. Luxury pens are made of solid materials that last for years. You may recharge them with various ink without any harm to the environment. It’s much cleaner than disposable ballpoint pens, where you change no inks but cartridges, which are made of harmful plastic.

Why buy classic luxury rollerball pens online?

Looking for fountain pens near me is good but rollerball writing instruments of a medium cost feature a number of advantages, too. Here are their benefits:

  1. They don’t leak. You’ll find fountain pen in store but it won’t be described that such writing instruments might leak if you don’t know how to treat them properly. You need to know how to use different charging mechanisms, while with classic rollerball tools you just insert your cartridge and start writing.
  2. The nib is more durable. Nibs of luxury stylographs are made of precious materials that tend to be more prone to damage. Rollerball pens’ nibs are made of solid materials that might last longer.
  3. Inks of rollerball tools dry faster. Inks in the rollerball don’t flow, they roll over the tiny ball onto the paper. Such a system makes them dry faster than inks applied in classic stylographs.

Looking for pens in the USA? Find both ballpoint and fountain pens to buy in the Ancora online store!

Customer Reviews

Thank you very much! Each pen is really wonderful!

Masayuki H.

Hi, The pen was delivered yesterday as planned and it is as beautiful as in the pictures (or possibly more). Thanks a lot!


Fast international ship. Good seller, thank you

Tomi K.

Everything in the highest culture. Fast shipping. Item as described. Great contact. I RECOMMEND ! Thank you. Greetings.

Andy R.

Very beautiful, solid and can be posted and become a very large pen. The 18K M nib is with some good flex and nice flow of ink. The nib is not as smooth as Visconti and Montegrappa pens but provide more feedback to me, just like writing with 4B pencil. The pen can house a Bock 250 nib assembly without a problem. I shall return for more of the Ancora pens, stunning!

Mike T.

Can't believe I got my pens so fast. Well packed & in great shape. Beautiful pens!!! Great people to do business with.

Anna S.

Pens with history and incredible quality. I finally found a place where I can order gifts for my loved ones for every taste! Thank you!

Victoria B.