The competition among manufacturers of fountain pens is increasing because of the growing demand. These writing tools have many advantages that make them attractive both for writers and collectors. If you are interested in this subject but you are a complete beginner, you need to know how to choose a good first fountain pen. This post will help you. Here, we outlined the advantages of writing tools for those who are just considering making their first purchases.

Who needs fountain pens? Fountain pens are popular among people who like writing by hand or use quality writing tools for signing important papers. A lot of users compile big collections of different fountain pens. But why do they choose fountain pens in particular, when there are so many writing options available on the market? Who is an average user of such tools?

- This is a person committed to eco-friendly ideas. The thing is that you can recharge them more than once without wasting disposable plastic cartridges. Inks are stored in glass bottles. These bottles can be used multiple times as well.
- In addition to this, the average users, who are looking for the best fountain pens for beginners, prefer options of quality materials that last longer.
- Appreciation of the classic style and authenticity is the third feature of an average user.
- Last but not least, they are needed by buyers willing to have the best writing experience. When using such tools, you make minimal pressure and your hand doesn’t get tired. This is perfect for clients who do a lot of writing, such as essay- or letter-writing.

What is a good fountain pen for beginners?If you need a good luxury fountain pen for beginners, we recommend paying attention to plain options without extraordinary features. In our store, we have the best collection of classic pens. See the description of the best options below and choose your best starter fountain pen.

Capri - This option has a unique barrel with a fine design dedicated to the Italian Island of Capri. It has an ordinary size, which guarantees a convenient grip on the instrument. Its nib is made of silver and the instrument itself has silver attachments with engravings that enhance the style of the model. The pros of this model: you can order both fountain and rollerball options; the model is sold in a limited edition; convenient grip and unique combination of colors.

Perla Mini - This option is one of the best for beginners because it is one of the most affordable models in our store. You can buy this luxury pen just for $325. It has a very simple but classic design. This model is popular because of the following advantages: the possibility to choose the options in different colors - the entire range includes 5 colors; 18K gold nib; affordable price; small sizes that perfectly suit women.

Perla - This model has a lot of common features with the previous one but it comes in bigger sizes and has silver attachments on the barrel. This line comes in brown and blue colors. The option is good for beginners who are looking for good styles and low prices.

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Thank you very much! Each pen is really wonderful!

Masayuki H.

Hi, The pen was delivered yesterday as planned and it is as beautiful as in the pictures (or possibly more). Thanks a lot!


Fast international ship. Good seller, thank you

Tomi K.

Everything in the highest culture. Fast shipping. Item as described. Great contact. I RECOMMEND ! Thank you. Greetings.

Andy R.

Very beautiful, solid and can be posted and become a very large pen. The 18K M nib is with some good flex and nice flow of ink. The nib is not as smooth as Visconti and Montegrappa pens but provide more feedback to me, just like writing with 4B pencil. The pen can house a Bock 250 nib assembly without a problem. I shall return for more of the Ancora pens, stunning!

Mike T.

Can't believe I got my pens so fast. Well packed & in great shape. Beautiful pens!!! Great people to do business with.

Anna S.

Pens with history and incredible quality. I finally found a place where I can order gifts for my loved ones for every taste! Thank you!

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