For beginners without experience, it’s difficult to select good fountain pens for writing or drawing. Even if you know the features of the best luxury stylograph, this is not enough to have the best writing experience. You'll charge your tool with a certain ink. That’s why, if you aim to achieve the best possible result, you must be aware of mistakes to avoid.

Different manufacturers offer various writing tools and products but they might not have bottled inks in their assortment. This is what makes Ancora different from other manufacturers - we offer everything an average user needs for the best impressions and the most classy experience at your disposal. All options meet the standards of the highest quality. You just should look at the characteristics, on which you can rely when selecting good liquids and for writing or drawing. To make this easier, we want to provide some recommendations and display the best options, available in our assortment.

What is the best waterproof ink for fountain pens? People prefer fountain pens due to the reason that these writing tools are the best for stylish writing. However, many beginners don’t even know that the style heavily depends on the ink, too. This is the reason your research on the best ink should be well-thought-out.
So what is the best water-soluble ink? Here are the major things to consider:
- A good ink must flow well through the barrel and nib to provide smooth writing. Bottled products in the Ancora store have a good consistency, neither thin nor thick. This makes users sure that their writing instruments won’t leak or the inks won’t dry. But to preserve the best qualities of inks, you should maintain them properly.
- Good ink should be waterproof if you want your writing to be stylish and permanent. Water-resistant bottled inks aren’t affected by liquids, meaning you won’t lose what you wrote. Don’t neglect this feature because it’s really vital if you want to preserve the initial look of your writing or drawing. If you choose zero water-resistant inks, the most insignificant impact of water can destroy your piece of art.
- Consider the composition of inks. There are products made of different elements. Some might help you achieve your writing goals, while others might make this worse. Consider the components when choosing bottled inks. For example, some products are shimmering. If you prefer a plain writing style, it’s better to choose not shimmer inks but dye-based ones.
- One of the most common recommendations is not to neglect the paper type. Not all bottled inks suit well all types of paper. Make sure that the texture of the paper will let the ink flow smoothly over it.

You've just read the basic recommendations on how you should choose bottled inks. Now, take a look at the specific options everyone can purchase in our Ancora online store.

The best black ink for fountain pens. Black always remains on demand because it's stylish and authentic. Black ink suits any writing and drawing. Nonetheless, you should keep in mind that not all inks that come in black color are exactly the same. They might have different functional characteristics. Besides, their looks often differ - they might be shimmering or gloomy, they can be dark or light, etc. When picking up bottled inks, you'll find out that the products in black come in the widest range. But we recommend not to waste your time looking through different stores. We have the best black ink for fountain pens in the Ancora online store. If you are looking for a deep black ink, we suggest considering the Fountain Pen Ink Mediterranean Night. We believe this is the best product in terms of performance, style, and convenience. Besides, this model is quite affordable. You can buy one glass bottle in Ancora for only $19.50 USD. One bottle contains 50 ml of ink This ink flows well on the different paper types, so you won’t need to waste your time looking for paper one of its kind. It’s easy to refill your fountain pen thanks to the highest-quality consistency of the ink. In general, the deep night color is the best representation of the combination of Italian quality and style.

The best blue ink for fountain pens. Blue is a symbol of stability and professionalism. It’s the second most popular color after black when it comes to charging fountain pens. This color is also stylish and classy but similar to black, it might have various hues. Here, the range of different shades is even wider than with black inks. The choice is up to your tastes and preferences. But we consider the color of the sea is the best option. If you agree with us, consider buying the Fountain Pen Ink Mediterranean SeaThis is one of the premium products in our collection of inks. It’s inspired by Italian nature. This ink gives you the deep blue color of the Mediterranean Sea. Its functional features are up to the mark as well. The Fountain Pen Ink Mediterranean Sea dries quickly and has a high level of the water-resistance. If you want it to preserve its key features, you just need to maintain it properly. Follow our basic recommendations:
- open the bottle only when you need to refill your fountain pen;
- keep this ink in its original bottle;
-don’t fill charge the pen directly from the bottle - pour some ink into a separate cup and seal the bottle.

The best red ink for fountain pens. The red color is mostly used in drawing than in painting. This color symbolizes passion and love and is a perfect option if you want to highlight some elements in your painting. Fountain Pen Ink Coral Reef isn’t as deep as the red color of blood, for example, but it’s also a good option for you to consider. When creating this ink, the specialists of Ancora were inspired by the colors of Italian nature. You will enjoy using this color because it's stylish and quality. Besides, the bottle has a special dip in the bottom to help you use every drop. Ancora wants you to pay an affordable price for the entire product. Additionally, this option has the following advantages:
- 50ml
- Suitable for all fountain pens
- 6 colors inspired by colors of nature
- Premium glass bottle

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Thank you very much! Each pen is really wonderful!

Masayuki H.

Hi, The pen was delivered yesterday as planned and it is as beautiful as in the pictures (or possibly more). Thanks a lot!


Fast international ship. Good seller, thank you

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Everything in the highest culture. Fast shipping. Item as described. Great contact. I RECOMMEND ! Thank you. Greetings.

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Very beautiful, solid and can be posted and become a very large pen. The 18K M nib is with some good flex and nice flow of ink. The nib is not as smooth as Visconti and Montegrappa pens but provide more feedback to me, just like writing with 4B pencil. The pen can house a Bock 250 nib assembly without a problem. I shall return for more of the Ancora pens, stunning!

Mike T.

Can't believe I got my pens so fast. Well packed & in great shape. Beautiful pens!!! Great people to do business with.

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Pens with history and incredible quality. I finally found a place where I can order gifts for my loved ones for every taste! Thank you!

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