Consider buying your first fountain pen but don’t know where to buy a fountain pen and what characteristics of the tool to pay attention to? Actually, this is not an easy task for beginners. You have to find a writing instrument that will suit your specific needs. If you are curious about how to determine this correspondence, here is our fountain pen buyers guide. Consider the aspects below to make the well-thought-out choice.

Why do you need this writing instrument? Fountain pens are popular with those users who prefer writing by hand. Why choose a fountain pen but not a ball one? The answer is simple - a fountain pen is a more quality option. Fountain pens are capable of writing for prolonged periods if taken care of properly. Additionally, the flow of ink in fountain pens makes your writing look more aesthetic. The final reason is that the fountain pens, usually, come in more diversified variations. Therefore, it’s easier to find a tool that will keep your hand relaxed when writing. 

When we know why this type of writing instrument is better, it’s time to consider some recommendations. There might be more features you should pay attention to. Here are just our top tips on choosing a writing instrument.

Consider your budget - When buying any product, price is one of the first aspects you take into consideration. The same should work when purchasing a fountain pen. The market offers an extremely diversified range of variations - from $10 up to $4,000. If you cannot afford a tool you like, you should look for cheaper offers. Maybe, it’s relevant to consider less exclusive options. Or it might be a wise decision to search for a different type of fountain pen. If you consider that buying a tool with the gold nib is not the top priority for you, you can save quite a nice amount of money.

Consider the size & weight - Size and weight play a very important role when you choose a writing instrument to suit your hand. In general, it’s not very difficult to define whether the tool won’t disturb you when writing. If your hand isn’t of a big size, you should consider buying tools with shorter barrels. Small hands are also a good reason to take a look at more slender options. This works oppositely if you have big hands - choose pens with longer barrels and fatter grip sections.
If you have the possibility, it’s better to test a few options before purchasing. When writing with a fountain pen, you should feel comfortable and relaxed. This might seem not very important. Be sure that you will change your mind when you write a few pages in a row for a long time. Writing should not bring your pain or any other type of physical discomfort. Paying attention to the pen sizes is the best way to prevent these issues.

Make a choice of the best brand - A brand is a very important aspect to consider when choosing a writing tool. You should trust reliable companies that offer only the best assortment of products and services. Ancora suits this description better than anyone else. It’s a luxury brand that offers a wide range of quality and exclusive products, including:
-unique pens that come in different designs and might correspond to specific topics. Some options come with authentic engraving elements to provide users with the feeling of possessing an original writing instrument.
-a diversified range of accessories that are to accomplish your elegant collection of writing instruments. In our online shop, you can buy a variety of nibs for fountain pens, including platinum, still, silver, and gold ones. You can shop for leaser cases and other additions that will make your writing experience better.
an wide assortment of different inks. Here you will find the best liquids to fill your pen. You can consider inks of different colours and hues. 

Bottled inks vs Cartridges
You need to fill your pen with ink in order to be able to write. There are pens with different filling mechanisms and you might like another. Charging your tools with ink from a bottle might boost the feeling of aesthetics and vintage. Besides, if you buy inks in bottles, there is a possibility to choose a wider range of colours. You can switch between the colour whenever you want because filling a pen with a converter or piston filler is easy. Nevertheless, bottled inks might spill and leave spots on your clothes or the paper you’re writing on.
If you want to avoid such unpleasant things, it’s better to consider ink cartridges, which are much cleaner and often more convenient. You can charge a pen with the ink cartridge much easier than you would do with any other type of filling mechanism. You can just insert the attachment and start writing.

All in all, we recommend checking out different types of fountain pens before you buy. See all the assortment in our online store and decide which one is the best for you. 

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Thank you very much! Each pen is really wonderful!

Masayuki H.

Hi, The pen was delivered yesterday as planned and it is as beautiful as in the pictures (or possibly more). Thanks a lot!


Fast international ship. Good seller, thank you

Tomi K.

Everything in the highest culture. Fast shipping. Item as described. Great contact. I RECOMMEND ! Thank you. Greetings.

Andy R.

Very beautiful, solid and can be posted and become a very large pen. The 18K M nib is with some good flex and nice flow of ink. The nib is not as smooth as Visconti and Montegrappa pens but provide more feedback to me, just like writing with 4B pencil. The pen can house a Bock 250 nib assembly without a problem. I shall return for more of the Ancora pens, stunning!

Mike T.

Can't believe I got my pens so fast. Well packed & in great shape. Beautiful pens!!! Great people to do business with.

Anna S.

Pens with history and incredible quality. I finally found a place where I can order gifts for my loved ones for every taste! Thank you!

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