To enrich your writing experience, you can utilize various types of ink for pens. The liquids aren't the same, even though they have some similarities. What makes them unique are the specific features of their colorants and solvents. Inks might also be categorized by specific additives.

For example, in some products, you will find additives that provide smooth flow. They are called surfactants. Other inks might contain special buffering agents that are created to control the pH. To cut long story short, the choice of your ink is the same important as the choice of a writing tool itself. In today’s review, we will briefly outline the key peculiarities of 3 types of pen ink.

Ballpoint pen ink. The first distinctive characteristic of this category is that it’s contained in cartridges because bottled inks are referred to as types of ink for fountain pens. Then, the solvent in such liquids is based on oil. This provides a smooth texture. Thanks to this component, the liquid goes smoothly through a thin tube and a small ball onto the surface. The oil-based solvents allow the users not to make big pressure on the writing instrument. One more distinctive characteristic of such inks is that they need less time to dry. This is a perfect option for pen enthusiasts who are fond of smooth and clean writing. If you are looking for such writing liquids, you are likely to find them in black, blue, red, or green colors.

Drawing pen ink. The majority of types of fountain pen ink or ballpoint pen ink include various pigments. Drawing pens are unique in this aspect because they apply the dye. Because of this, such inks aren’t permanent. Their colors might fade out in some time. Also, such liquids are based on water-based solvents because they aren’t designed to flow from the cartridge to the nib. You can use a drawing pen by dipping it into the ink. Drawing inks are too watery for writing. Inexperienced users won’t simply be able to make clean writing. That’s why such pens are utilized mainly by experienced calligraphists. These liquids come in different colors as well. That’s why they are often used by artists or drawing enthusiasts. This is actually the reason why they are called this way.

Fountain pen ink. Similar to drawing pen inks, fountain pen inks are stored in bottles. Plus, fountain pens look like drawing writing instruments. The only difference is that the users need to insert cartridges of ink converters into their stylographs. There are different types of ink cartridges for fountain pens, so you should learn more about your specific tool before refilling it with new ink.The content of fountain pen inks is almost similar to the elements one would find in a liquid created for drawing tools. The only dissimilarity is that they also include a special surfactant. This component is used to control the flow. This makes fountain pens much better for writing because they are less likely to cause spots on the paper. Also, they dry faster than drawing inks.

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