Fountain pens are becoming increasingly popular among wider audiences. They aren't just luxury goods with unique designs that can be added to various collections, stylographs are effective writing instruments. Those who buy prefer writing in hand with these instruments because they are convenient and they can provide a very smooth flow of ink, making one’s writing very clean, clear, and calligraphic. Nevertheless, many enthusiasts are still doubting if this is relevant for them to purchase stylographics. They are convinced that due to certain characteristics, they won’t explore the positive impression.
There is a myth that left-handed people can't use stylographic instruments the same effectively as right-handed. Today, in this simple tutorial, we'll provide the facts that will prove that this statement is totally wrong. We will also share some valuable tips. We believe that this guide can motivate enthusiasts to purchase stylographics and teach beginning enthusiasts how these tools should be applied. Let’s get down to business!

Introduction to the problem. Fountain pens have a rich history. Their designs have been changing along this journey to suit any type of people. Even standard products are created to satisfy the needs of all enthusiasts.
In the past, left-handed people experienced issues because the nibs were manufactured of extremely soft materials. The problem was that left-handed writers are more likely to push on the instrument harder, which used to damage the nibs of their stylographs. They could simply pull apart due to the big pressure on them, which led to ink spotting and made everything quite messy. Well, such an experience was quite unpleasant. These aren’t the rules that you're obliged to follow but these are the factors you're suggested to pay attention to when choosing writing tools.

How the issue is solved. Don’t ignore fountain pens just because you write with a different hand. You'll use a stylograph efficiently even with such a peculiarity. We understand why such enthusiasts better use ballpoint pens – they consider these writing tools to provide cleaner writing. To some extent, this belief is correct. Ballpoint pen inks have different content, and they dry much faster. In addition to this, inks that fill in fountain pen converters are water-based and it’s much easier to smudge them on hand and on paper. 
This outcome is quite common since it’s difficult to place a wrist in a correct position not to impact the writing. This is quite relevant for individuals who write in languages that are written from left to right.
However, this sounds unusual, but this problem is quite common for right-handed as well. The hand with which you write is less important than the technique you apply. In the following abstract, we will give you some helpful tips that will improve your style of writing and will make it clean and clear.

Best recommendations. So, here are the recommendations that will assist on the way to the desired results:
- Pay attention to the table and check if it is situated on the left. Thanks to this positioning, it'll be easier to watch what's written.
- Place a wrist at a correct angle toward the lower section of the notepaper. At first, you'll feel inconvenienced but as soon as you adapt to this style, you’ll feel no difference.
- The arm must be located below the written letters, This way it won’t touch the paste.
- Note Paper mustn't slide on the table. Use another hand to keep it in a correct position.
Don’t push your writing instrument – pull it. This will prevent scratching the tip of your stylograph.
- One more way not to touch the ink is to place your paper on a sloping surface. When you’re doing so, it will be inconvenient to place your hand on a paper for the rest, you will just put it away.
- You can use special nibs for the left-handed. Explore their assortment and buy the ones that you like the most.
- Always pay attention to the maintenance of your writing instrument. This tip helps both right- and left-handed because the hand you’re using doesn't matter if your stylograph is dried up and clogged.
- That’s it. We hope these recommendations will bring benefits to you and will let you explore new experiences. Stay tuned!

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Thank you very much! Each pen is really wonderful!

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Hi, The pen was delivered yesterday as planned and it is as beautiful as in the pictures (or possibly more). Thanks a lot!


Fast international ship. Good seller, thank you

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Everything in the highest culture. Fast shipping. Item as described. Great contact. I RECOMMEND ! Thank you. Greetings.

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Very beautiful, solid and can be posted and become a very large pen. The 18K M nib is with some good flex and nice flow of ink. The nib is not as smooth as Visconti and Montegrappa pens but provide more feedback to me, just like writing with 4B pencil. The pen can house a Bock 250 nib assembly without a problem. I shall return for more of the Ancora pens, stunning!

Mike T.

Can't believe I got my pens so fast. Well packed & in great shape. Beautiful pens!!! Great people to do business with.

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Pens with history and incredible quality. I finally found a place where I can order gifts for my loved ones for every taste! Thank you!

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